A young woman haunted by a dark curse. A loyal friend hiding a dangerous secret. An act of vengeance that could destroy two worlds.

Ever since a horrific attack in her childhood, Lilly has been living with a terrifying curse – on the night of every full moon, she transforms into a bloodthirsty werewolf. Her only solace is her best friend Kat, a rebellious witch who has been guarding Lilly’s true identity for years through altered memories and magic.

But when a vengeful mage named Alistair starts pursuing Lilly, claiming he can “free” the wolf within, Kat realizes that both their lives are in greater danger than ever before. Alistair, once a member of the oppressive magical order known as the Circle of Magi, was corrupted into a Malphas after his vampire wife was murdered. Now, he seeks to merge the human world with the magical world of the Rift as an act of revenge. Caught in the middle, Lilly and Kat must join forces with unlikely allies on a desperate mission to stop Alistair’s ritual and seal the breach between the worlds.
YEAR: In Development
DIRECTOR: Cal O’Connell
WRITER: Cal O’Connell
PRODUCER: Julia Munder
As old secrets, traumatic revelations, and apocalyptic stakes pit friend against friend, Lilly discovers her own dormant powers are the key to saving humanity from extinction. But to protect the ones she loves, she must make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Witch and the Wolf is a thrilling tale of identity, friendship, and redemption in a world torn between fear and understanding. The fate of two realms hangs in the balance as two women fight for their lives, and future.

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