"A Christmas Horror"




When a lifestyle mogul summons ancient spirits seeking revenge against her business partner, the vengeful entities turn the Christmas celebration into a gory judgment night for the company’s sins.


It’s Christmas Eve when the ancient yuletide spirits of judgment and vengeance are awakened from their slumber to punish the sinners at a successful lifestyle company.

These dark entities take twisted form in decorations that strangle callous founder Izzy, leaving her severed head animated. She struck a bargain allowing them to judge her backstabbing partner Vicky and conniving ex-employees Ed and James.

But the spirits turned on Izzy first. Now her disembodied head must witness as they violently enact justice for buried sins. As the vengeful ghosts conduct their bloody trials within the sealed, frozen mansion, Vicky and Izzy ultimately clash over the company’s future. Only earnest assistant Lindi can decide their fates.

YEAR: In Development

DIRECTOR: Cal O’Connell

WRITERS Tony Hipwell, Cal O’Connell

PRODUCER: Julia Munder, Cal O’Connell, Tony Hipwell


This biting corporate satire blends holiday horror with supernatural justice. As cherished Christmas décor springs to vicious life, no amount of festive cheer can melt the chilling verdict for characters worthy of coal. ‘Tis the season for the sins of the past, present and future to emerge from the shadows.

When ambition breeds betrayal aided by forces no mortal can withstand, which of these flawed figures will satisfy the bloody rule of the ancient judges…and who will end up on the menu?