Investing in a film comes with risks. When you invest, you want to be actively involved, see the film make an impact, and have a good chance of a return on your investment. This experience should be enriching, exciting, and enjoyable. With numerous crowdfunding sites available, there’s a wider choice of films to invest in.
However, the risk of backing the wrong projects has also increased. It’s easy to support projects that don’t deliver results, led by inexperienced newcomers or self-centered directors. They often fail in communication, commitments, and appreciation. Many Kickstarter-funded films don’t even finish filming, wasting time and money.

Our Approach

Our approach is different. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional investor experience and an entertaining film that we can proudly say we made together. Being part of a film project can be thrilling. Investing in a RO Pictures film means more than an Executive Producer credit – you’re becoming part of our filmmaking family.

We offer you an inside view of the process – glimpses of storyboards, practical effects tests, on-set visits, assembly cut previews, VIP treatment at screenings, celebrations at international film festivals, and the chance to join us on stage for premieres. You’ll also get standard perks – film copies, merchandise, IMDB credits, and even a potential cameo appearance if you’re interested.

We Are looking for you

We’re seeking partners who believe in us and are excited about the filmmaking process. Our partnership will be tailored to your preferences. Our investor community is growing, with more and more members enjoying being part of our winning team.

If anything interests you, let’s chat and see if joining our filmmaking family is right for you. Click “contact us” to reach out. Even if you’re not ready to invest but want to learn more, feel free to get in touch – we’d love to talk.