At RO Pictures, we possess the winning formula for film production: professionalism, amazing creative talent and marketing and sales knowhow. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of film, production, storytelling, and marketing, we hold our values close to our heart. Transparency and honesty define our approach, and we are relentless in our pursuit for outstanding cinematic and commercial results.
We are known for delivering exceptional visual quality, craftsmanship, and engaging content that has resonated with global audiences. Following a successful festival run and its debut on YouTube, our dystopian sci-fi short film “Terminal” caught the attention of the DUST network, securing a place on their VOD platform “Watchdust.” The film’s global viewership has surpassed half a million.
Our involvement extends to collaborations with Castle Howard Estate, where we crafted the launch trailer for their impressive £1.5 million “Into the Woods” spectacle.

In addition to producing and co-producing a range of features in recent years, including “The Creature Below” (2016), “Book of Monsters” (2019), and “How to Kill Monsters” (2023) in partnership with Dark Rift Horror, we’ve made our mark. All three films had their premieres at Frightfest London and subsequently secured extensive distribution deals. They are accessible on various formats including DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming services in more than 10 countries.

At RO Pictures, we not only possess the talent required for creating top-quality films but also boast the marketing and research capabilities to ensure our productions effectively reach their intended audiences and financial goals.

Julia Munder

Since 2021, Julia has held the roles of CEO at RO Pictures Ltd. Her focus on driving sales and her knack for generating returns on investment have made her a standout in commercial and film world. With a track record of success, she’s made a substantial impact on both revenue and market presence.
Julia’s deep understanding of consumer behavior, industry trends, and the art of storytelling has consistently transformed potential clients into loyal and lucrative partnerships.


Julia’s expertise extends to the realm of feature films. She has a talent for identifying untapped opportunities and turning them into profitable endeavors. Her hands-on approach from concept to execution ensures that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. As a visionary leader, she thrives in high-pressure situations, using challenges as catalysts for innovation. Her fusion of creativity and business acumen has not only led to financial gains but has also elevated the artistic dimension of the film sector.

Julia’s career is distinguished by remarkable achievements and recognition, cementing her role as a driving force behind substantial ROI accomplishments and business growth in both commercial and feature film sectors. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with an unmatched capacity to deliver results, positions Julia as a prominent figure, bringing unparalleled success to clients and partners in the dynamic world of film.

Cal O’Connell

Cal is the head of creative and a company director at RO Pictures. Having recognised the demand for high quality video content, Cal scaled the business from a Youtube channel back in 2009 to the multi-award winning short and feature film production company that RO Pictures is today – now specialising in all forms of video content, from corporate film, short-form brand content through to feature films. An entrepreneur through and through, with extensive training in creative storytelling, digital production and infrastructure, Cal’s superpower is bridging the gap between creative and business.



How to Kill Monsters (completed) (Dark Rift Horror)


Book of Monsters (2018) (Dark Rift Horror) – released by Blue Finch Film Releasing
The Creature Below (2015) (Dark Rift Horror)– released by High Octane Pictures

“Terminal” - Short - 2019 - released by DUST

Best Short Film
“Terminal” – Starburst International Film Festival 2019

Best Editor
“Terminal” – Queen Palm International Film Festival 2019
Best Sci Fi
“Terminal” – Vegas Movie Awards 2019