Dark Rift Horror and RO Pictures present How to Kill Monsters, a nostalgic horror comedy brimming with practical effects and splatter. This new film comes from the creative team behind Book of Monsters and The Creature Below.

The story follows the sole survivor of a gruesome massacre perpetrated by otherworldly beasts. They must join forces with a ragtag group of rookie police officers and criminals to defend a police station against an invasion from eldritch monsters straight out of an H.P. Lovecraft nightmare.
YEAR: 2023
DIRECTOR: Stewart Sparke
WRITERS Stewart Sparke, Paul Butler
PRODUCER Cal O’Connell
STARRING: Lyndsey Craine, Arron Dennis, Fenfen Huang, Daniel Thrace, Juné Tiamatakorn, Michaela Longden, Louella Gaskell, Johnny Vivash, Andrina Carroll, Nicholas Vince, Rebecca-Clare Evans, Yvonne Okyere, Dennis Rasaq, Ayvianna Snow, Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton, Andrew Dunn, Lilliane Moffat, Rikki Dallas
Director Stewart Sparke, known for Book of Monsters, envisions the film as “a love letter to the horror movies of the 80s and 90s that I grew up watching on VHS.” The teaser trailer shows clear homages to genre classics like Evil Dead 2, Gremlins, and Hellraiser. Sparke aims to recapture the magic of these retro cult hits while injecting a uniquely British humor reminiscent of Hot Fuzz and the meta twists of Scream.

The film’s stunning poster art comes courtesy of Uncle Frank Productions, responsible for home video art for titles like Terrifier 2, Tremors, and Resident Evil. It highlights the movie’s blend of humor, horror, and heavy use of practical monster effects.

How to Kill Monsters will hold its world premiere at the UK’s largest horror festival, Frightfest, on August 25th 2023. The director and cast will be in attendance for the screening at Cineworld Leicester Square in London.

With its nostalgic appeal, gallons of gore, and gritty sieze-the-police-station plot, How to Kill Monsters aims to deliver a crowd-pleasingly gory romp for hardcore horror fans. It promises scares, laughs, and copious practical effects in a loving throwback to 80s and 90s creature features.

The film is directed by Stewart Sparke and written by Sparke and Paul Butler. It is produced by Cal O’Connell and is a co-production between Dark Rift Horror and RO Pictures.
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