Dystopian Sci-fi Feature

Britain 300 years in the future. The south is a wasteland, destroyed like much of the rest of the world in a series of conflicts. Resources are scarce and getting scarcer by the day. The only haven is within The Terminal, a vast mega city covering what used to be the Great Manchester conurbation. It is the ultimate recycling system where all materials and fluids are repurposed to maintain the population. Within The Terminal all are safe and equal.

This total equality utopia assigns citizens job roles and refigures their bodies at a cellular level to fit the role, recycling unused matter back into the system. Jobs remain stereotypically gendered while the human body is constantly changed.

Of course, because this is Britain, the class system hasn’t been completely erased. A new ruling class, The Caretakers, a scientific elite, maintain the Terminal but do not participate in its processes.

But there are cracks in the system. A cell mutation is starting to look like a new epidemic. An increasing number of infected are being sent to enjoy their final days in The Hospice. In recognition of their loyal service to the system.

YEAR: In development

DIRECTOR: Cal O’Connell
PRODUCER: Julia Munder, Cal O’Connell
In this world, Frankie, 30s, is just a citizen trying to get by. They love the fluidity of their body but hate the arbitrary nature of the system. Why shouldn’t people get a preference to do what they want? Why can’t people form long term relationships or be with the people they love when they are dying?

As a member of the resistance, Frank has been planning a way to hand the decision making back to the masses and now is the time to act.

Frankie runs point on a mission to kidnap one of the Caretakers, Rowen, 20s, male. The plan is simple, attend a party, isolate the target, render them unconscious, process them through the Terminal so they are unrecognisable and hand them off.

But when the mission is compromised, and Frankie is forced to improvise, they are set on a journey that will lead them to question the real end game for The Terminal.
Now everyone is after them, The Caretakers and The Resistance, Frankie and Rowen must learn to trust each other if they are to survive, make it to the Hospice and uncover a secret that will forever change humanity.
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