Multi-award winning Sci-fi short

In a future defined by total equality, the concept of roles transcends boundaries. The advent of The Terminal technology promises to reshape society, physically transforming individuals from their very core to align with their chosen professions. The fluidity is staggering – waking up as a male lumberjack, and retiring as a nurturing mother, all in a day’s work. Yet, beneath the veneer of absolute uniformity, the truth of this equality is called into question.

Kim, a youthful job centre employee, grapples with the system’s fairness as her colleague Jay is entangled in a heart-rending situation. Jay’s inability to be with their dying partner due to the fluctuating nature of their appearance forces Kim to confront the limitations of love in a world where physical identities are ever-shifting. As Kim’s determination deepens, they become an unexpected advocate for change, embarking on a journey that probes the limits of personal commitment and the nature of authentic equality.
YEAR: 2019
DIRECTOR: Cal O’Connell
PRODUCER: Cal O’Connell, Julia Munder, Max Gee, Natalie Roe
STARRING: Michaela Longden, Samantha Messago, Jason Deer
Best Short Film
“Terminal” – Starburst International Film Festival 2019
Best Editor
“Terminal” – Queen Palm International Film Festival 2019
Best Sci Fi
“Terminal” – Vegas Movie Awards 2019
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