"The Crossing"


Sarah is a young woman struggling to come to terms with her physical and mental damage at the loss of her family. An introverted, damaged soul, Sarah struggles to adapt to her new role – A Caregiver with no-one to care for. Through therapy she tries to adjust to her new life, but the world around her has become too much to bear. Society seems close to collapse, people she meets are uncaring and selfish, so caught up in their own lives. It’s too much, and Sarah has learned it’s far easier to keep to herself. She stays in her house, with only her Aunt providing her any support. But, in the depths of space, something far bigger than all of this is on its way.

With the arrival of a Comet, The Crossing takes place. The Crossing is a cosmic event that brings two realities into one. As the world is irreparably altered by this cosmic phenomenon, Sarah finds her need to repair her life side-lined by a fight for survival. She has to battle with deformed apparitions who invade her home and desperately cling to whatever sanity she had left. But things are not as they seem. As is her nature, Sarah sees things others fail to. She comes to the horrible realisation these deformed creatures aren’t monsters – they’re her family. The reality where her family survived has met the one without. And she’s killed them. Again.
YEAR: In Pre-production
DIRECTOR: Cal O’Connell
WRITER: Jack Hobbs
PRODUCER: Cal O’Connell, Stewart Sparke, Julia Munder
STARRING: Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton
History repeating itself, Sarah killing her family once again, she tries to help her alternative sister; the one she cared for most. Her Aunt tries to stop her, to speak sense and keep her safe, but The Crossing takes her out of existence. Struggling with this added loss, Sarah resolves to save the one family member she has left. This brings her close to breaking point. But a happy memory brings her back, and maybe she can make this work. But now, she has to face herself. Literally. The other her, the unbroken her, comes into the world and discovers Sarah’s mistakes. Enraged, Alt-Sarah goes to eliminate her dangerous self. In order not to annihilate each other, Sarah escapes heavily injured and finds herself outside in the world she is so terrified of. Can Sarah save herself? Or will she succumb to the horror of The Crossing.

After reaching breaking point, Sarah puts her past to rest. As the dawn breaks on a new world Sarah leaves her family home, her sanctuary and her prison. The world is not the same as it was, and neither is she.

*The images on this page are proof of concept only, intended to represent the potential look and feel of this film project. They do not reflect final creative elements, characters, or artwork, which are subject to change during the development process.