Folk/Body Horror Feature

After losing their baby, Liz and Arthur join friends on a remote getaway to help repair their strained marriage. But when their trip goes horribly wrong after a tragic accident, the group finds themselves at the mercy of a sinister cult deep in the Scottish wilderness.

Trapped in an otherworldly community that forces them to relinquish modern life, Liz and Arthur race to protect their friends from disturbing rituals and uncover the cult’s chilling secrets before it’s too late. With betrayal around every corner and lives on the line, they’ll have to fight together to escape the cult’s horrific plans.

Will Liz and Arthur’s devotion be strong enough to survive this nightmare? Or will the darkness swallow them whole?
YEAR: In Development
DIRECTOR: Cal O’Connell
WRITER: Samantha Mesagno
PRODUCER: Stewart Sparke, Julia Munder

Proof of concept short film trailer

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